1) Replacement filter
for your refill bottle. Recommended re-placement: quarterly. The replacement is easy and quick.
  2) Disinfection spray
for the daily disinfection of the drain cocks. Content: 100 ml hydrogen peroxide at a 3 % concentration.
  3) Measuring cup
made of plastic
with measuring scale. Volume: 2l.
  4) Cleaning and disinfection set
The easily applied granule cleans, disin-fects and declacifies. Recommended: quarterly.
  5) Disinfection and
filter replacement timetable

helps you to keep
track of the frequency.
  6) Waste bin
metal, semicircular, down-sized picture
  7) Drinking cup
0,2 l, made of high-quality food-safe plastic robust version with 1000 pieces per carton
at 50 pieces per box.